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Beaver Meadow Loop (2.6 km) Beginner / Easy
Winding through mature birch and poplar forest, including excellent woodpecker habitat, this flat, sheltered trail offers protected skiing on cold, windy days and is good for beginners. 

Loop de Loop (0.8 km) Beginner / Easy
This flat trail near the trailhead takes you beside the beaver pond through open poplar and shrubs.

Moose Loop (6.4 km) More Difficult
Medium size hills (Difficult hills at the start can be bypassed) make for a more challenging trip as the trail passes through old growth cedar and open hardwood forest. Moose, deer and snowshoe hare are often seen on the trail. An 8.0 km loop if one returns along the Beaver Meadow Loop.

Mikko Lespi Lookout (1.7 km) More Difficult
Two small hills make for a more interesting ski, but the rest is Easy and the view is amazing.

Golf Course Loop (2.6 km) More Difficult
Branching off the Beaver Meadow Loop to circle the North Shore Golf Course, this open trail is fairly flat with some rolling hills and is less difficult than the Moose Loop. Not always track set due to drifting.

Lynx Link
This link joins the Beaver Meadow Loop to the Moose Loop and Mikko Lespi Lookout Loop. It also allows you to bypass the difficult hills at the start of the Moose Loop.

Ruoho’s Return
This trail returns from the east side of the Moose Loop to the Beaver Meadow Loop, providing an opportunity to add more distance while going around the Moose Loop (extra 1.7 km) or a shorter trip back along the Beaver Meadow Loop.

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