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Rendezvous Cross Country Ski Club

Nipigon - Red Rock

Club News

The Rendezvous Ski Club is a volunteer based club associated with Cross Country Canada which offers more than 13 kilometres of classically groomed trails meandering through spectacular scenery in the valley between Nipigon and Red Rock. Located on Golf Course Road just west of Nipigon.

Friday, April 7th Update

We are well past April 1st - so to be clear this is not an April fools joke. The Beaver Meadow and Mikko Lespi Loop are trackset and ready to ski yet again! With the warm weather coming it will be a fleeting opportunity, unless you are into slapping on the klister.

Please note that the Golf Course Road was not plowed, but is being packed down by traffic. Four or all wheel drive would be best as it warms up.

Rendezvous Cross Country Ski Club

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